Sunday, April 22, 2012


okay so! lets get started! this is my new obsession. and i haven't done a blog in a WHILE! so lets get it started! (also I'm going to try to use everything under $5.00)

first i use KISS short square plastic nails. i had red on before this thats why they have a red tint.  i think there exactly $5.00 after tax. 

i think they look pretty real. 

and again.

the color i used is funky fingers (this is about 2 shades lighter then real color)

with flash

First coat is very thin and very streaky.

 with flash.

 2nd coat (pre cleanup)
 final look with flash and matte ring finger.
 final look with out flash 
and from another angle. 

So overall  i really like this color.Its like a electric dark blue. the last 2 pictures are pretty true to color. i don't like how streaky it is, but it was only $1.00 at 5 below. without the topcoat they appearance is like rubber/tar, kinda like the nail polish you had as a kid that you peel off! but it stays on FOREVER! i love funky fingers, there colors are bright ver opaque after 2-3 coats. the clear top coat i HATE! i have to get a new one this one is L.A. colors base coat/top coat. i DO NOT recommend it. but the matte top coat is AMAZING! and it was 0.99 at kmart, it is NYC matte me crazy, it is a deff go out and buy NOW! 

products i used:   funky fingers blue (there is no name)
                                L.A. colors glossy top coat 
                                NYC matte me crazy top coat. 

THANKS FOR READING!!!!! <3 Rayvin! 


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    1. thank you! me too! I'm ready to change it though! this blogging thing is fun