Friday, June 17, 2011

boobs babies and more boobs!

tie today!!!!!!! 
good morning!!!!!!! so i dont even know where to start today... i love waking up to
<<<<< that face. i mean how can you NOT say that he is not cute!

you cant see meeee

he is suck a cutie!! now making him was the easy part.. carrying him was a different story.. but we will save that for another time!

everyone i know is doing this "happiness" blog 13 mths of making your self truly happy. i would love to do this but the main reason im not is i dont want to face my past... i dont want daniel to know everything of my past. there is only one person who knows EVERYTHING about me and that is my ex... and i regret telling him that stuff... because he decided to shove it in my face... i wish i had the balls to do what all these WONDERFUL women are doing! so i just want to say GO GIRLS! make yourself happy! i will someday but today im going to enjoy my little nugget and talk to my girls!

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

i love me some curvy women! (fat bototm girls make the rockin world go round!)

okay everybody this is Markie! say hi markie!!!!!!!!! do you think that this sexy ass woman is fat?? overweight? PLUS SIZED? dare i say! if so go fuck off!  i think she is HEALTHY! beautiful the way she is!

this is a size 10 model! 10 how the FUCK is ^^^^^THIS plus sized??? 

hey bitch im deff not a size 0! 
according to society markie and this hot bitch^^^ are plus sized! really!!! what has this world come to??? if i recall back in the day (greek times here people) this was beautiful! if you were skinny even the size 10 bitch you were unhealthy. now you prob think im some self cautious fat bitch behind a computer.. ya so what maybe i wouldnt be if us "fat bitches" were excepted by tv or maybe adds??? ya think about that shit! how bout this pic for ya! im sure we have ALL seen this pic somewhere..
this pic is one of the most famous pieces of art known to humans... im pretty sure she is at least a size 10 that dose not look plus sized to me that is AMAZING BEAUTY THERE!
now for all the "fat bitches" out there like me and markie and the model and the lady in the shell stay sexy and fuck skinny bitches (unless they are predisposed due to skinny parents) i dont hate skinny bitches okay! i hate skinny bitches that think there fat.. be me or markie or model for a day... and see how people look at you, treat you, like your a monster! when really were the norm! oh btw hey fashion ass holes SHOVE IT UP YOUR ASS. . that is all for now!

Fucking passive aggressive time!!!

Okay I have been trying really hard not to be passive aggressive and such but some people really FUCKING press my little annoy the fuck outta rayvin buttons!!! Mostly LIARS, FAKES,2 FACED PEOPLE, BIBLE THUMPERSnot that that has anything to do with right now they jus annoy me right now I'm talking about liars people who can not for the life of them stare a problem in the face and tell it to FUCK OFF or at least talk about it!!! Seriously GROW THE FUCK UP!!! We are all grown women no longer on high school (I hate that phrase btw it's just fucking convenient right now okay? Okay! I don't know what to do about shit like this because I am completely different I face my fears,problems, and all around bad shit!! I have been through so much in my life that I have developed VERY tough skin. Now don't get me wrong, I HATE being me I am REALLY a nice person try to make everyone happy until you hit that fuck you you dumb fucking cunty twat switch... I'm going to take a moment now to scream!! VFJVNFDKVSDNDJVNDKVSVNSKJNDFV KCCSKJNFVKCNVCSKJCNSDKJVNFDKJVNCKNJVKJJSDCNKSJFNVSDA,SM KFVD.

Okay now for some funny faces thank you Markie for cheering me up tonight I needed it!! The skypeage was amazing!!! Or not my iPad won't let me add pics I'm going to have to figure that out need to find an app for that!!! Anywhoooo thx for listing to me bitxh and rant and all leve love or hate or whatever you feel nesscery!!!!! <3 <# <0> <(") :)

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

welcome to the blog thing i know nothing about...

so this is my first EVER blog other than xanga and i mean who the hell uses xanga anymore! i dont really know what to say other than welcome to my CRAZY ass world! i have an amazing group of friends that i can tell anything and they are my family. mess with my friends and watch out for the wrath of rayvin! so this blog is going to be whatever YOU want it to be!! so tell me what should i talk about today????
this is Tie my little amazing man! 
this is Tie at 1 day old my little cutie!!