Monday, April 20, 2015

Hello keurig... More like go away keurig.

So.... Where do I start.  I got the Keurig voxbox. 

I was super excited, I mean who wouldn't be a brand new freaking keurig, UNTILL I went out and bought  $40 worth of generic k cups, they were super cheap and I was so excited to test this baby out. It came with a verity pack and a box of green mountain coffee. First Rayvin wanted fancy hot chocolate, and fancy coffe on the cheap. Much to my dismay when I inserted my awesome Irish cream hot chocolate I got this message. 

So of corse I was all. WAIT. NO. WHYYYY. are you kidding me. As a single stay at home mom I can't be spending $12 for 6 cups of coffee. So I don't have much more to say other than they should have made it able to use all types of k cups considering the price for the keurig is $200. So keurig work on that. #hellokeruig more like #whowantsafreekeurigtheycantuse

Until next time. This is me singing off. Rayvin out. 

Wednesday, April 23, 2014


HI ALL!!!! its been forever!! Being a mom and all has been CRAZY! Soooooo i got the mary kay vox box in the mail yesterday and was super suprised!!! lets start with some pictures shall we!
all the peanuts muahahaha i thought there was nothing in here! was i surprised!!

all the pretties! in zee box!
okay so! i got alot of stuff! tis crazy! like woah! so lets start shall we!

eyeliner brush very stiff and not easy to work with

brushes merp

so i got 3 brushes an eyeshadow, blush, and eyeliner im kinda disappointed in the blush brush its pretty rough. :( and the creme eyeshadow brush is the tits! Eye liner brush is too big for me... i like kinda fine lines.

now on to the next bit! mascara!

lash love mascara!

before mascara i have like no eyelashes at all!

after! i love this stuff!

it is very liquidy though so don't blink! (if you get this reference +10 brownie points! )

this mascara is awesome!!! i love the brush! but it is very liquidy so its messy as you can see ^^^^ no complaints here!

now the creme eye color, its in apricot twist. the consistency is smooth goes on nice but the color pay off isint as good as i thought it would be. im kinda disappointed

it looks super pretty in the container but merrr on the face.

 Next the lip gloss! I got Mango Tango. 

as you can see its not very opaque.. i love the texture not too sticky (i hate sticky lip gloss) but still enough to be a nuance. i don't want to have to re-apply every 5 min because i breathe.  i love this color if only it lasted longer and was more opaque. It goes on pretty smooth but as you can see it sucks into those cracks in my lips and i hate that!

self explanatory ;)

light/medium bronzer

shy blush

okay so on to the translucent powder, bronzer, and blush. the translucent powder is pretty much exactly the same as most indie brands. i honestly think that madd style cosmetics EFFIN' PERFEKTION POWDER is pretty much the same. quality and all i would take the cheaper route and get madd styles. I don't ever use bronzer so i dont really have an opinion on the bronzer sorry im pasty as hell and i would look redic. Now i LOVE this blush. It goes on so nice (with the right brush) the color is so pretty and light and  fun! no complaints here! 

Jet black gel eyeliner now this is where my problem lies... if i had the proper brush this stuff is amazing! but with the brush provided its just a hot mess as you can see! its super smooth stays on forever! I always have a problem with any type of top liner because i have extremely hooded lids but this bad boy barely even transferred so for a gel its rad!

Mary Kay lip gloss eyeliner mascara and eyeshadow

so in closing this vox box was amazing! i defintly didnt expect to get so much stuff at all and all the products are good its just tiny little tweaks i would do to them to make them better! now for the boring part i received these products for review purposes for i am not being compensated in any way and did not get paid to say this crap! hope you all like my review! feel free to comment below with any questions. 

Mary Kay lash love mascara in i <3 black: ($15.00)
Mary Kay Cream eye color in apricot twist: ($14.00)
Mary Kay Mineral cheek color in shy blush: ($12.00)
Mary Kay Translucent loose powder ($16.00)
Mary Kay Gel eyeliner with extendable brush applicator in jet black ($18.00)
Mary Kay bronzing powder ($18.00)
Mary kay nourishine plus lip gloss in mango tango ($14.00)
Mary Kay cream eye color/ concealer brush ($10.00)

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Voxbox review

So i got the mom voxbox from influenster

Inside came

Tea, ivory soap, impress press on nails, necktar crystilized honey, and two packs of teeth flossys.

So im gonna start with the tea (my mom drank it not me i hate tea) she said its really good her favorite is the mango. She said "its perfect thank you so much favorite daughter"

I HATE these... There too short they feel like they are going to fall off, and the color is not too exciting.

Ivory soap cant use it im allergic so no bueno.

Teeth flossys. I love these things but this brand not so much the "pick" end is too flimsy. But i like the minty flavor.

NOMZ NOMZ NOMZ that is all.

Well i know its not the best blog ever but these wernt the best products ever either.

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

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Monday, April 30, 2012

julep and how they fail...

so i got the julep maven box today, and let me just say, i am EXTREMELY disappointed. First off i wanted to cancel my subscription. and did they make that easy? no you have to call in but my luck my phone has decided to take a massive shit. so i e-mailed thinking they would say oh okay let me take care of that for you! HA ya right.. first i e-mailed and got a generic response "you have to call in to cancel" so i replied to that e-mail stating that my phone isn't work and I'm sorry can we please cancel it over e-mail... no response... i had to do this FOUR TIMES before i had someone reply.. and i mean whole new e-mails. needless to say i was PISSED. and i WILL NOT be buying any julep in the future. so after the 5th email and me losing my shit on them they canceled it.. way to go shitty costumer service... so lets get to the equally shitty nail polish. so to the pictures...

with flash (L-R) Kylie, Ashley, Nessa

This is the magnet they sent with for Kylie. its magnetic.
here is the horrible brush for Ashley. (click to zoom)

also "Kylie" has the same type of brush. you would think for such expensive polish the brushes would be half decent. 

Next! it seemed like kylie was the only polish that worked now the magnet wasn't the best I've ever seen by far... with and without flash. 

As you can see in this one at the top of my ring finger it pulled the polish and its bright pink for some reason. 

once again very disappointed... I'm just going to post the rest of my pictures that i took and at the end will write all that i think about this..... 

as you can see for some freak reason "Ashley" was really watery to the point that it pulled away from the side of my nail...

pre clean up. "Nessa" is more like "Messa".... very watery .... (the yellow)

So! this is defiantly a HUGE waste of money... i mean $27.00 for this! i will not ever be caught dead wearing julep again (Except for the magnetic) until i get another one! hope you enjoyed my bloggy moggy today! i know i did! 

<3 Rayvin