Monday, April 20, 2015

Hello keurig... More like go away keurig.

So.... Where do I start.  I got the Keurig voxbox. 

I was super excited, I mean who wouldn't be a brand new freaking keurig, UNTILL I went out and bought  $40 worth of generic k cups, they were super cheap and I was so excited to test this baby out. It came with a verity pack and a box of green mountain coffee. First Rayvin wanted fancy hot chocolate, and fancy coffe on the cheap. Much to my dismay when I inserted my awesome Irish cream hot chocolate I got this message. 

So of corse I was all. WAIT. NO. WHYYYY. are you kidding me. As a single stay at home mom I can't be spending $12 for 6 cups of coffee. So I don't have much more to say other than they should have made it able to use all types of k cups considering the price for the keurig is $200. So keurig work on that. #hellokeruig more like #whowantsafreekeurigtheycantuse

Until next time. This is me singing off. Rayvin out.