Monday, April 30, 2012

julep and how they fail...

so i got the julep maven box today, and let me just say, i am EXTREMELY disappointed. First off i wanted to cancel my subscription. and did they make that easy? no you have to call in but my luck my phone has decided to take a massive shit. so i e-mailed thinking they would say oh okay let me take care of that for you! HA ya right.. first i e-mailed and got a generic response "you have to call in to cancel" so i replied to that e-mail stating that my phone isn't work and I'm sorry can we please cancel it over e-mail... no response... i had to do this FOUR TIMES before i had someone reply.. and i mean whole new e-mails. needless to say i was PISSED. and i WILL NOT be buying any julep in the future. so after the 5th email and me losing my shit on them they canceled it.. way to go shitty costumer service... so lets get to the equally shitty nail polish. so to the pictures...

with flash (L-R) Kylie, Ashley, Nessa

This is the magnet they sent with for Kylie. its magnetic.
here is the horrible brush for Ashley. (click to zoom)

also "Kylie" has the same type of brush. you would think for such expensive polish the brushes would be half decent. 

Next! it seemed like kylie was the only polish that worked now the magnet wasn't the best I've ever seen by far... with and without flash. 

As you can see in this one at the top of my ring finger it pulled the polish and its bright pink for some reason. 

once again very disappointed... I'm just going to post the rest of my pictures that i took and at the end will write all that i think about this..... 

as you can see for some freak reason "Ashley" was really watery to the point that it pulled away from the side of my nail...

pre clean up. "Nessa" is more like "Messa".... very watery .... (the yellow)

So! this is defiantly a HUGE waste of money... i mean $27.00 for this! i will not ever be caught dead wearing julep again (Except for the magnetic) until i get another one! hope you enjoyed my bloggy moggy today! i know i did! 

<3 Rayvin 

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