Monday, April 23, 2012

Black with fleck and matte finish

Today i did a black with fleck and matte finish! 
i used this polish. i DO NOT recommend it. the color is amazing the brush is horrible, its rough, big, thick, not brush like at all! so once again i DO NOT recommend it. 

soooooo this is one coat! (click to enlarge)

after i did one coat of horrible brush black (lol) i did a coat of fleck!!! 

amazing flecks! i lovveeee them! 

different angle to get all the pretty colors. 

so pretty!

okay i forgot a picture of fleck pre-top coat. I'm sorry!!! but anywhoooo the top coat i used is matte me crazy by NYC.($0.99 BTW)  i LOVE LOVE LOVE IT! 

and now nail porn! 

i think this is pre matte. 

Im still not pro at cleaning them up but i think ill get there! now this whole mani cost $8.00!!!! now the most expensive was the fleck but they had no other brand at kmart. that was $6.00 i think... the matte me crazy was $0.99 and the black was $1.00!!! and i think it looks pretty darn good!!!! so leave comments let me know what look you want next! 

<3 Rayvin! 

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