Wednesday, June 15, 2011

i love me some curvy women! (fat bototm girls make the rockin world go round!)

okay everybody this is Markie! say hi markie!!!!!!!!! do you think that this sexy ass woman is fat?? overweight? PLUS SIZED? dare i say! if so go fuck off!  i think she is HEALTHY! beautiful the way she is!

this is a size 10 model! 10 how the FUCK is ^^^^^THIS plus sized??? 

hey bitch im deff not a size 0! 
according to society markie and this hot bitch^^^ are plus sized! really!!! what has this world come to??? if i recall back in the day (greek times here people) this was beautiful! if you were skinny even the size 10 bitch you were unhealthy. now you prob think im some self cautious fat bitch behind a computer.. ya so what maybe i wouldnt be if us "fat bitches" were excepted by tv or maybe adds??? ya think about that shit! how bout this pic for ya! im sure we have ALL seen this pic somewhere..
this pic is one of the most famous pieces of art known to humans... im pretty sure she is at least a size 10 that dose not look plus sized to me that is AMAZING BEAUTY THERE!
now for all the "fat bitches" out there like me and markie and the model and the lady in the shell stay sexy and fuck skinny bitches (unless they are predisposed due to skinny parents) i dont hate skinny bitches okay! i hate skinny bitches that think there fat.. be me or markie or model for a day... and see how people look at you, treat you, like your a monster! when really were the norm! oh btw hey fashion ass holes SHOVE IT UP YOUR ASS. . that is all for now!


  1. Rayvin, you made me cry and laugh... I fucking love you <3

  2. yay!!!!!!!!!!! go markie! you forgot to say hi to the masses that are yourself lol because im lame and have no followers lol

  3. Back in the Middle Ages and up through the Renaissance period bigger women were considered more attractive more for social wealth reasons than for actual physical reasons. Women of wealth, the aristocracy, never had to lift a finger to do a thing, where as the peasants had to work constantly and had very little food. The rich also ate almost exclusively meat, while the peasants survived on bread and veggies with the rare meat thrown in. Work and diet led to the poor being skinny and the rich being fat, and since money meant everything back then that meant that fat was attractive and skinny was not. The exact same principal applies to being tan. Back in the day tan was unattractive because it meant you worked in the sun, and pale was good because it meant you had a life of leisure. Just a fun and relevant history lesson for the day =)

    Although in todays society things are all jumbled and mixed up, wealth doesn't play as direct a factor in weight anymore. People come in all sizes regardless of what caste they are from. Despite that, society has decided that skinny is attractive and big is unattractive. What people need to start seeing is attractive is attractive, and unattractive is unattractive rather than forcing it to hinge on something arbitrary like body weight.

    If you like that painting, look up "Venus of Urbino", its one of my favorite rubenesque paintings.

    Beauty is beauty, it doesn't matter how big or small!

    And Markie is beauty. ^_^

  4. @malcolm I agree completely andi am also proud that I am pasty white!!! Hehe THANK YOU so much for the tid bit of history!!!! And I also agree markie is one fine women!!!