Friday, June 17, 2011

boobs babies and more boobs!

tie today!!!!!!! 
good morning!!!!!!! so i dont even know where to start today... i love waking up to
<<<<< that face. i mean how can you NOT say that he is not cute!

you cant see meeee

he is suck a cutie!! now making him was the easy part.. carrying him was a different story.. but we will save that for another time!

everyone i know is doing this "happiness" blog 13 mths of making your self truly happy. i would love to do this but the main reason im not is i dont want to face my past... i dont want daniel to know everything of my past. there is only one person who knows EVERYTHING about me and that is my ex... and i regret telling him that stuff... because he decided to shove it in my face... i wish i had the balls to do what all these WONDERFUL women are doing! so i just want to say GO GIRLS! make yourself happy! i will someday but today im going to enjoy my little nugget and talk to my girls!

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